Giza Pyramid Sacred Tours

The Great Pyramid of Giza Sacred Tour

26 September – 3 October 2020

Stella Giza Pyramid
Stella after her Initiation in the Great Pyramid

From 26 September to 3 October 2020, for eight breathtaking days in Egypt, including six hours in the Great Pyramid of Giza, we will be diving deep into our creative potential, discovering our true purpose in life and activating our inner divine beingness.

The astonishingly powerful Pyramid of Giza generates high frequency universal energy onto the planet. Due to its perfect geometric shape, it is the biggest energy amplifier on Earth. It has been built as a tool for ascension not only for the Egyptian pharaohs but for all people on Earth, including you and me.

We will use the Pyramid’s energies to expand our consciousness, open for manifestations and activate our mission in life.


Day 1, Saturday 26.9.2020

Arrival in Cairo. Our tour guide will meet you and assist you at the airport. Transfer to the hotel in Cairo. Dinner at the hotel.

Stella at the Great Pyramid
Stella After her Activation in the Pyramid

Day 2, Sunday 27.9.

Today we visit the necropolis of Saqarra, where we will feel the immense power of the stepped pyramid of Djoser. Inside the pyramid’s chamber, we will experience the enigmatic energies created by the shape of the pyramid.

Another highlight of the day is our visit to the Serapeum burial site discovered in the 19th century with a giant stone sarcophagus for mummified sacred bulls. Then we will head to the bent pyramid in Dahschur. Experts argue over whether the unique bent shape was intended or was based on a miscalculation error.

Day 3, Monday 28.9.

Giza Plateau exploration

After breakfast we visit the Giza Plateau. We will explore the pyramids area. We will enter the Chefren Pyramid and dive into its powerful guidance to releasing old patterns of thinking and embracing our true self. Powerful emotional release is often times experienced there. We will also visit private tombs on the plateau.

The Sphinx

Then we visit the Sphinx with the fabulous Valley Temple of Chefren.

Ancient Egyptian Essential Oils workshop

In the afternoon we attend an Ancient Egyptian Essential Oils workshop with Sheikh Gamal who is known for his clairvoyant skills. He will answer your questions even before you asked them. He will lead you into a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships and your life. The visit to Gamal and the conversations with him create lasting impressions on each participant.

After dinner at the hotel, we get some rest before the unforgettable night in Cheops Pyramid.

A night in The Cheops Pyramid

Just before midnight we drive to the Cheops Pyramid where we will spend the night.

For us all chambers in the pyramid are accessible. It is a rare opportunity to be able to get into all three chambers – from the Shaft, the Queen’s Chamber to the King’s Chamber.

Great Pyramid Activation workshop

We will enter the King’s chamber, where Stella will guide you to a deep journey within.

Pyramids of Giza
Pyramids of Giza

♥ By connecting to the energies of the Pyramid we will give ourselves permission to expand our consciousness.

♥ We let the feminine and masculine energies of the Pyramid to sink inside of ourselves opening the centers of manifestation of our desires, wishes and dreams.

♥ Gaining deeper understanding, we will activate our mission in life.

♥ We activate our sleeping DNA, the so-called junk DNA that holds the codes for higher perception of Reality.

♥ We meet our Higher self/Spiritual guide who will give us a message and guide us through awakening towards our purpose in life.

♥ We will open our heart chakras to the universal love.

♥ Diving into the healing energies in the Pyramid, we heal our bodies. I have personally observed spontaneous healings occurring to people after visiting the Pyramid: knee pain release, menstrual pains release, eczema healed, cancer remission.

♥ The sarcophagus is the place where healing occurs. It was designed to guide the Earth and Cosmic energies straight to a point in the middle of the sarcophagus. We will enter inside the sarcophagus one by one, and let our bodies experience the healing energetic reverberations inside.

♥ After this unique and powerful activation, we will head to the Queen’s chamber, where we will anchor the energies, the healing and our mission in life to sink into the very structure of our DNA. We will feel transformed.

Then, we will have some free time to explore the Pyramid.

Day 4, Tuesday 29.9.

Our hotel's view to the pyramids
Our hotel’s view to the pyramids

We watch the first rays of the rising sun from the steps of the Great Pyramid.

Return to the hotel for breakfast.

Rest of the day free. Time for relaxation after the night spent in the Great Pyramid. Write down your discoveries, feelings and thoughts.

The hotel’s premium location presents a breath-taking view to the pyramids.

 Day 5, Wednesday 30.9.

Today we visit the Citadel of Salah El Din proclaimed by UNESCO as a part of the World Heritage Sites. We will visit Sultan Hasan Mosque, remarkable for its fantastic size and innovative “wonders of construction”. We will have dinner in the beautiful Garten of Al-Azhar Park, from which we can enjoy an impressive view of the citadel, the Alabaster Mosque and parts of Old Cairo. After dinner we will marvel a mesmerizing Dervish dance show.

Day 6, Thursday 1.10.

Drive to the Oasis Fayoum. We will visit the Necropolis of  Meidum and the Pyramid of Meidum, built from the inside out by King Senefro. The pyramid is seen as a transition from a step pyramid to a real pyramid.

In the afternoon we visit the mastaba and the tomb of Rahotep and his wife Nofret (their perfecly preserved statues were found here and can be admired in the Cairo museum).

We will also visit the tomb of Nefermaat (architect of the Meidum Pyramid) and his wife Itet. Drive back to Cairo.

Day 7, Friday 2.10.

Today we visit the Egyptian Museum which with its abundance of art treasures, grave goods and enigmatic new exhibits (more than 100,000 pieces) is an absolute highlight of any trip to Egypt.

Day 8, Saturday 3.10.

Transfer to the airport for the flight home.

The hotel at night
The hotel at night


Early bird before 31.3.2020 – 1699 eur per person in a double room

After 31.3. – 1799 eur per person in a double room

Single room supplement 180 eur

Deposit 20% of the price to confirm booking. The rest of the amount due date – six weeks prior to departure

Airfares are not included.


 Entry Visa for Egypt

7 Nights at Hotel Steigenberger Cairo. Superior Room Pyramids View

6 Hours inside the Cheops Pyramid.

Sightseeing according to program mentioned

All Transfers, entrance fees and taxes in Egypt

English speaking Guides.

Khafre pyramid and the Sphinx at night
Khafre pyramid and the Sphinx at night


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Stella Dimitrova

Stella is passionate about guiding into discovering the inner wisdom and potential one has to manifest into their lives.

She is an Inner Transformation Activator, a Consciousness Expansion Light worker, Higher self communicator. Stella is an economist by degree, a traveller by heart, an intuitive empath, an indigo child.

In her transformation healing methods, Stella incorporates Meditation, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Transpersonal therapy, Inner child works, Past life regression, Higher self communication, Sound healing and guiding to a deeper realization of the thought patterns behind suffering.

Through spiritual experience, she will gently guide you into awakening to the truth and the inner power you hold inside of yourself.

In order to create high frequency experiences, Stella employs Sacred Geometry, the language of the Universe. Her work with crystals as well as her Remote viewing talent are incorporated in her work. She also organizes high vibrational Sacred Workshops.

More about Stella

Stella’s services

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Moustafa Osman

Bachelor in Egyptology, University of Assuit, Egypt
Master’s degree in Egyptology, University of Assuit, Egypt
Doctor in Egyptology University of Tübingen, Germany
Now works as Director of the Department of the Antiques at  the Supreme Council for Antiquities in Egypt

Occasionally, Ahmad leads selected groups through Egypt’s focal points: The Pyramids of Giza as one of the Wonders of the World; Luxor, the Capital of Egypt in the Pharaohs times; the Egyptian Oases

Hisham Basyouny

Hisham graduated psychology in Egypt. Then he completed Egyptology and Comparative Religion in Tübingen, Germany. He was interested in supernatural phenomena and parapsychology.

Time and again, his work was leading him to the Pyramids of Giza. He dealt intensively with ancient religion. He wished to make its hidden knowledge accessible to other people.

Therefore, after graduation Hisham established his own tour company Lilly Reisen. Located in Germany, Lilly Reisen is a long-established travel agency specializing in Adventure and Spiritual Tours to Egypt. In his vision, Hisham wanted to bring people closer to his homeland in a way corresponding to his own nature: intricate, even adventurous, always with a pinch of humor and his own generosity.

Hisham works closely with highly qualified Egyptologists in Egypt. His main partner is the Director of the Department of Stolеn Antiques at the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Moustafa. Hisham and Ahmad’s groups have the privilege to enjoy and feel the energy of the Sacred Egyptian Sites without the pressure of time and the mass tourism.

Due to ever increasing search for spiritual-timeless messages of the megalithic structures in Egypt, Hisham successfully developed various travel programs over the years. These tours provide spiritual, scientific-mathematical, meditative and healing experiences for the participants.

Stella’s Initiation in the Great Pyramid of Giza

In October 2018 I had a profound experience inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. During a full night journey in its magnificent chambers my intentions of self-healing and activating my inner abilities were fulfilled and even surpassed. For the most part my enlightenment process is very personal but there is one bit of the story that revealed an important aspect of my role here on this planet, in this incarnation. And I need to share it with You, right Here and Now.

During one of my meditations in the Big Chamber I had a very bright vision of two very tall beings in almost human form standing in front of me. I had the feeling that they came from a high dimension of existence and filling most of the space in front of me. They presented themselves as Ra and Horus. I was then guided into a process of initiation into the secret of Pyramid Energy. I was shown how to use the Pyramid’s feminine and masculine powers for healing, soul expansion and life purpose activation. They guided me through a deep process of understanding reasons, links and relations of all that surrounds today’s people on Earth. The beings in my vision presented this knowledge as part of a divine project for Ascension on Earth.

I already had the realization of the rapid awakening and the Universal Consciousness expansion inside many of us. During my hypnotherapy and quantum healing practices, I observed that there are many who just need a divine moment of mystical experience to get in touch with their inner powers and sacred mission.

During my experience with the two beings presented as Ra and Horus, I was told that I WILL guide groups into the Great Pyramid. And that during those tours I will receive their blessings and guidance to help people on their path of enlightenment.

For my amazement, the very next day I was approached by Hisham Basyouny, founder of Egypt tours travel company Lilly Reisen and Ahmad Moustafa, director of the Department of the Antiques in Egypt. They asked me if I was interested to partner with them bring groups to Egypt! Of course, I agreed.

After this encounter I began preparing myself and fully embrace this new mission. Then in the beginning of 2019 I took the first steps in fulfilling it. Guided by the new energies of Ra, Horus and supported by my Higher Self, I am now on the marvelous high vibrational path of creating the Great Pyramid Activation journey to Egypt.

This journey is for the awakened people who want to accelerate the activation of their powers. It is for those who seek their soul mission and feel the desire to transcend to higher realms of existence. You are most welcome to join us!

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Stella’s Sacred Geometry workshop had a deeply profound impact on me. During our sessions, I always receive exactly what I need at the moment. During our meditation, Stella’s guidance and activating energy gave me vivid experience of the Flower of life and the Creation of the Universe. It was so powerful activation when I experienced the Creation and integration with the Source. It lead me to understanding that we are all here to experience and play. I am so grateful for connecting with Stella and for this workshop and my QHHT session.


Thank you for all your help, guidance and support for getting through the toughest time in my life. Your thoughtfulness is beyond kind, it is beyond expectation, and it is beyond the borders of all known human capacity for thinking of others. From the very bottom of my big grateful heart, thank you!


Words can’t describe how grateful I am. I am totally mind-blown after my QHHT session. It was absolutely life changing experience! I feel I’m reborn. You are doing such a amazing job and this is exactly what lot of people need. At least I did. Thank you so much! 🙏 You have an impressive talent. After my session, I didn’t have any allergy reactions and I don’t need my glasses anymore.


Even though I am a Hindu, my QHHT session was nothing like a religious experience to me. It was nothing that I expected and I got exactly what I needed. With Stella’s gentle guidance, I dived so deep within that I was able to see not the past, but the future. Isn’t it better to know the future than the past? After this journey of the mind, I feel more safe and confident in my life and relationships. I learned how to have fun and love myself without judging my own actions. Thank you, Stella for my unforgettable session!  

Kashi AV Technician

It amazes me how one session with Stella was enough to get rid of my suffering from claustrophobia and heal my awful knee pain, which I’ve had since childhood. Stella is a good listener and trustworthy practitioner. The session was a deep spiritual experience for me. I had vivid past life memories and remembering them helped me overcome psychological traumas. I can warmly recommend such a session to anyone.

Nina Marketing Specialist

Stella’s helped me in various ways – spiritual awakening, have painless birthing, as well as deal with my fear of failure. Her predisposing, caring and trustful voice guided me to discover my inner protector, who used to stop me from taking actions and responsibility. This discovery was enough for me to get back control of my life. Stella’s helped me face my extreme fear of delivering and significantly lower contractions pain during labor. With her guidance and positive energy, I improved my confidence and self-esteem, I skyrocketed my work performance and transformed into the best mother. I am grateful beyond words for Stella’s wholehearted devotion to helping me become aware of my higher potential and become the best version of myself.

Mary Production Manager

Since my QHHT session, many good and positives changes activated in my life. The session showed me the way to accepting and loving myself. I got rid of my old fears. I feel so blissfully energized after our session. I took important decisions about my future after spending time with you. You are a great professional, helping people in this needed world. Thank you so much for bringing me home finally and activating my power!

David Martial Arts Instructor

You created a relaxing and safe atmosphere. The environment was cozy and peaceful. I felt well cared after and I enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of time for it all and you were very present there. You prepared me well with email and talking. The session was so relaxing and insightful. I got a lot of reassurance, support and ease from my Higher Self. Felt at peace and energized afterwards and something started opening deep within. Memories from the past life and revelations from my higher self have stuck to my mind a lot and they have been so empowering! Thank you so much for my QHHT session! 🙂

Kaija Therapist

The past life regression workshop was a magical experience which showed me new ways of perceiving reality and understanding life. It made me think differently about the reasons behind my problems and taught me how to live in the “Now”. I am feeling more energized and positive. I learned how to be me and how to love myself. Stella helped me open up to a new spiritual knowledge, so here I am like a new person with brighter life view. Thank you for the support! Respect to this work of understanding life! Jape  


With these words, I would like to cordially thank Stella for the magical journey into my past and deeper into my subconscious mind. My QHHT session was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Stella is a supportive and responsible person who can be relied upon. Working with her is a real pleasure. She’s helped me believe I’m not alone. Furthermore, through spiritual enlightenment, to discover new, wiser ways to overcome difficulties and mischief, as well as opportunities to turn the pain into lessons. And lead to spiritual healing. The direction in my life is set! Thank you for your gentle and professional attitude, Stella!

Milen Diplomat

Your past life regression workshop was amazingly deep and revealing. This experience helped me in various ways and gave me confidence in myself. During the regression, I found the answers to my questions which I had for a very long time but couldn’t find the answer to. Now I have all the tools to live a happier life. Which were inside of me all along. I found myself, thanks to you Stella. You are a star!


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