Hisham Basyouny

Hisham Basyouny

Vice President, Lilly Reisen Travel Company

Hisham’s short bio

Hisham graduated psychology in Egypt. Then he completed Egyptology and Comparative Religion in Tübingen, Germany. He was interested in supernatural phenomena and parapsychology.

Time and again, his work was leading him to the Pyramids of Giza. He dealt intensively with ancient religion. He wished to make its hidden knowledge accessible to other people.

Therefore, after graduation Hisham established his own tour company Lilly Reisen. Located in Germany, Lilly Reisen is a long-established travel agency specializing in Adventure and Spiritual Tours to Egypt. In his vision, Hisham wanted to bring people closer to his homeland in a way corresponding to his own nature: intricate, even adventurous, always with a pinch of humor and his own generosity.

Hisham and The Sacred Tours

Hisham works closely with highly qualified Egyptologists in Egypt. His main partner is the Director of the Department of Stolеn Antiques at the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Moustafa. Hisham and Ahmad’s groups have the privilege to enjoy and feel the energy of the Sacred Egyptian Sites without the pressure of time and the mass tourism.

Due to ever increasing search for spiritual-timeless messages of the megalithic structures in Egypt, Hisham successfully developed various travel programs over the years. These tours provide spiritual, scientific-mathematical, meditative and healing experiences for the participants.