The New Earth, Life On Other Planets & The Terracotta Army

The New Earth, Life On Other Planets & The Terracotta Army

My QHHT client Maija (name has been changed to maintain confidentiality) has given her kind permission to share her session with you. This amazing session revealed secrets about the Terracotta army and the day-to-day activities of a terracotta warrior. Going deeper, Maija’s mind separated from the body and she could observe the future of Earth. More and more people in trance see the three-dimensional-Earth’s destruction (the old Earth) and its replacement by the 4D Earth (the new Earth). Is this what is really going to happen? Maija explained the process in depth. She also described how some of the first humans appeared on Earth. Then, she re-lived the life of a being, existing in a different reality, where everything was created by the power of thought. Maija met her Higher self and it activated the next level in her life. Enjoy the session!

Terracotta army warrior

I am wearing a white mask. I am Chinese. There is a dragon. An army – it looks like the terracotta army. This is the time when they are alive. I’m looking at things from somewhere else, from above. There are a lot of people in this army.

Do you have a body?

I do have. I’m behind this white mask. I feel I am body-less. I am from the invisible people. But not in the spirit. People who can’t be seen. It’s a faceless army. We have these masks – white, there’re eye holes, there’s some painting, the mask is made by the face. Then they have put colour. We cannot be seen. We don’t allow to be seen.

Do you wear anything?

Yes, we wear gold-silk material clothing. We are moving slowly and hiding in the corners of the shadows. We are not among the other people who are watching from the windows.

Let’s go forward in time … 

I am working with dragons. I am one of the invisible army. We are working with dragons, we are flying with dragons. Maybe dragon is not a right word. It’s like a big bird, but it has this dragon mask. So that it looks scarier.

Are people allowed to see the dragons?

We are invisible army.

Ok. How do you train the dragon?

We learn to fly with them, make them easy to handle. It is not only for war or a conflict, but also for delivering messages from place to place. The messages come from the head place, from important people when they need help or have to inform about important things. We have the ability to go places where no one else can go… I start to move far, far away. Going up.

The New Earth and the Old Earth


It’s dark. Something is drifting me to the sky. I am just floating. It is my mind. I am in a thought form.

Do you have a body or are you just in a mind form?

Mind form. It is water-like. It gives it a form. It’s light, very light blue. It’s like an inhale and exhale, pumping. I am in space. We are looking for Earth. It is not one Earth. There are two Earths. There are Moons going around those two Earths. They are twin worlds. One of them starts to crackle, it is in pieces. The other one sucks it in, it eats it. Imagine how one of the planets opens and takes the other one in. The Moon is still going around. And we are watching this. We have been waiting for this event. It’s like the good twin ate the evil twin. And we knew that it should happen. All the negativity must disappear and a New Earth, a better place to live is coming into existence.

Did you know this was going to happen?

Yes, we knew this was going to happen. We have been watching, waiting for it to happen. That’s why we are there. We are glad that we saw it. Now everything begins anew. Somehow it can start again.

Is this happening before or after the life of Maija?

It’s before life on Earth was created. We are so pleased to see that happening. And now we are able to start anew.

Can you see what happens to the Old Earth?

The Old Earth is inside the New Earth. They are one now! There was too much negativity on the Old one. That’s the reason the New Earth was created.

Is this when you decide to come to live on Earth?

Yes. I wanted to be a citizen of the Earth.

Life on a dying star


What’s the reason you wanted to become a citizen of the Earth?

There was no home. The Earth was a new home. My old home disappeared.

Go back where you can see what happened to that place.

It is a dying star planet. A lot of us must leave.

Did you have bodies there?

We were conscious beings.

Describe what the life there was like.

We have high technology, buildings. Very high buildings. They are kind of physical and they are easy to build. We have to only think it and it’s done. They are made from crystal. We think and use sounds. Sound changes the form. We rest in these buildings. They are like towers – wider at the bottom and narrower when going up. Like pyramids, but taller and narrower.

What do you do in your days?

We connect to each other and try to find a higher state of mind. We are equal. No one is above the others. We are at the same level. If something has to be done, it doesn’t matter who is doing it, because we all can do it. I’m doing work with sounds.

How do you work with sound?

See, the crystal is hard. And when I use sound, it becomes fluid. And then it’s easy to shape it.

What do you shape the crystals in?

Everything that is necessary.

Do you have the need to eat?

We have gardens. There are fruits and trees.

You have digestive system?

We don’t have to eat those. We live without food. But we can experience the fruits if we want to.

Do you have the need to breath?

I don’t understand the question. We are using our brains and consciousness.

You said there is high technology?

Yes, we are using it, we know how to use it. I don’t know how it has started. I make sounds with different things. It depends what kind of sound it is – is it lower or higher – that makes the things move.

Do you live on the surface of the star or inside of it?

On the surface.

Isn’t it hot?

It is not hot. It is comfortable.

Let’s move forward to an important time, when something important is happening. What do you see?

There is like an earthquake, mountains are moving. It was a surprise. We have to move quickly. We have vessels. We escape, we fly in the skies. There are a lot of us who didn’t.

How do the vessels look like?

They are in a V-shape. In the bottom of the V there is a… it’s not… there is big, big window and then it goes up in both sides. We flow up and we go inside the vessel. There are seats and resting places.

How does this vessel move in space?

(matter of factly) We have the crystals!

Yes, of course. So, the crystals propel the vessel?


And how do you navigate the vessel?

We gather together and we connect to each other so we can… well, it’s like a big pray. We connect to the crystal and we connect to each other. And we can expand our knowledge.

Now, let’s leave this scene and move forward to see where did you go.

We travel a long time. Towards the Earth. We travel through time but there are also tubes in time-space, which we can use. We have to use those tubes three times. It was difficult to find.

Do you use your mental abilities or maps?

We use our mental abilities.

And this way, you expand your knowledge?


The beginning of the Earth

Then what happened when you came to Earth?

The Earth was beautiful. We have to wait for a while until Earth settles down. The surface is vivid and we have to wait. This is when the Earth was created, in her beginning phase. When it settles down, we land. There is water, a lot of water. There was almost no land. It doesn’t matter if it’s water or solid land.

Are you still in the same form?

Yes, but we develop in time. We became in more solid form. But it took years and years. We have to change the form, because our form wasn’t quite suitable for the Earth climate. Earth climate was changing. Our bodies became more visible with time. Because of the third density of the Earth, the situation and the climate. For many years we didn’t have to walk, we still had these abilities to create what we needed. But the climate here is different. And we have to start breathing and eating.

Please, describe your new body.

We are half humans. Outside we need to use more skin, but inside the buildings we are able to be in our old form. The sun is different. The skin is the cover, it protects us.

Do you need to eat and breath?

We eat, we start breathing, it’s different.

Do you interbreed, do you have different sexes?

Yes, we do.

Let’s move forward in time to the moment when you decide to come into the life of Maija. How do you make this decision?

There are things that have to be done, that have to be learned. Things that had occurred before in the past lives.

And what are you trying to learn in this life?

To serve. To serve other people, and Earth. And to serve, so that I complete it and don’t have to come back.

Higher self

May I communicate with Maija’s Higher self?


Why did you show Maija the life of the being from the dying star?

The unconditional love is from there. She needs to find the unconditional love again.


How can she get rid of the depression?

It is just an old pattern that can be broken. And her mind block that she thinks that she can’t do something that needs to be done. There was a past life when she hasn’t been given the choice to decide and hasn’t been able to do anything. She forgot how to say: “I can do”. But now she has the choice.

Can you help her get rid of this feeling?


How can you do that?

I am concentrating… There is somebody who will help her. There is a person who can push her and make her ideas in action. He is going to come into her life in near future. This person will be her soulmate. He will activate her. For now, she has to prioritize and focus. She knows that she can’t hide anymore. One step at a time.

Purpose of life

What is the purpose of her life?

Be yourself and go with the flow. Don’t put limits. Don’t minimize the thinking. Trust. You will get help if you ask.

She thinks she can’t ask for help. Where is this coming from?

It comes from the thinking that you are not worth enough.

How can you help her deal with this?

It’s not easy to ask for help, but there are people who can help. She is never alone.

Can she ask You for help if she needs any?

Of course!

How can she connect to you easily, so that she knows for sure that she is connected.

Meditating, just going deep down. And ask for a sign.

Is there a deeper meaning to her life?

She is part of the Universe. She is going in the right direction. Any things she needs are coming to her when she needs them. Helping other people is a part of the life. When she helps, then she gets help.

Are there still a lot of life lessons for her to learn?

Trust. When she trusts, then she gets trust and love. And it opens more ways to express yourself. Every being needs love. You send love, you also get love. That is the trust.

Feeling stuck

She feels stuck. How can she get rid of this feeling?

She has already started to change. Making contact with new people. Take part in groups. That will get her further in her pathway. She didn’t know how to express herself and find the right people, groups, where she can speak about the spiritual. But now she is on the right path.

Is there something blocking her?

She sometimes is lazy to go out and meet people. She stays in her comfort zone. And there are things about people she doesn’t need. She is somehow shy and that makes it difficult to make a contact. But when she forgets the shyness, she is very opened.

How can she get rid of this laziness?

As I said, it is coming. This person is coming who is going to brake this situation and make her start doing the things which need to be done to take her further. It will expand her spiritual thinking and make her stronger mentally.

How can she expand her spiritual abilities?

It’s happening all the time. She doesn’t need to be worried. Step by step. For now, doing meditations and connecting with Me and asking the questions that need to be answered.

Can you help expand her spiritual abilities?

She can totally feel that we are together. She knows, but she has to feel when we are connected.

And you are connected right now?


So, let her really feel this connection. With all her body and mind. Let’s establish a deeper connection. Feel the feeling of being connected to your Higher self. Feel it with all your body and mind.

(Maija is deep breathing)

Is she feeling it?

Yes, she is.


Loose weight

Now, let’s talk about her health. What is the reason she has gained the weight?

Food is of course the easy answer. She needs to understand what is good for her and what’s not. More fruits, more berries, citrus. They balance her body. There is too much carbohydrates that bother her. Don’t eat junk food, chocolate. She has to prepare the food and be more exact.

How to flush the junk out of her body?

She has done it before this therapy – drinking only water and tee, fluids. A little start from that. I don’t mean to do it for a long period. Get started. For the liver – lime, oil and water. This will flush the toxins out of the liver.

She knows that she needs to eat more frequently. Not having so long pauses between meals.

Losing weight doesn’t happen in one night. She has to be patient. It’s not a miracle.

So, it’s not emotional or energetic, just the food? Nothing from past lives?

There was a past life where there was so little food, that she had to fight for it. This is all worked out. No connection to the past life anymore.

So, now the body will be able to lose the weight when this connection is not present anymore?


Body healing

Now, I will ask you to do a body scan. Starting from the top of the head downwards to the toes of the feet. And see if there is something that needs your attention.

I see a problem with her eyes. She is working so much with computer. Her eyes don’t get enough rest. She needs to call an eye doctor and get lenses for computer.

She used to hit her head a lot. What was this about?

Her pathway – she was going to the wrong direction. She didn’t believe what she saw or feel. And we gave her those accidents – to pay attention.

Did she start paying attention?

She is paying attention, she listens. She listens to her intuition. And she started questioning – what is the meaning of life, what is the purpose of life, is there something else than all of this life? Mission complete!

Now she knows! So, she is now going to the right direction, she doesn’t need to hit her head any more.


Is there something else she needs to pay attention to?

She needs to change her blanket. There are feathers inside. They are not good for her. She will breathe better without it.

Please, continue the scan of the body.

The stomach is slow. Needs walking. There is somebody who will take her out. It starts soon. The stomach needs balance.

Can you work on this?

Can you hear me working?

No, I can’t. Would you explain what you are doing?

I’m processing. Checking out the liver, the kidneys and the other organs – if they work properly. Also, I check the stomach – if it processes the food correctly. The food is not balanced. When she changes the food, then it gets balanced, then the metabolism will become better and faster.

She gets attention in her bottom when she tries to keep balanced. The hips are not doing right. It will get better when she loses weight.

Her knees – she has to use her knees. There is a cyst that makes her right knee hurt. But the cyst is now in a shift. I am working on it.

Did she know about the cyst consciously?

She did feel that the right knee used to have a problem.

Does the right knee need any more of your attention?

No, it is good now.

What about the lower back?

Lower back depends on the hip position. It also need the movement. She needs to do her exercises more often.

And the upper back?

Too much sitting. And the body position is not good.

Can you help her fix this?

(cracking sound)

What are you doing?

Put it in the right position. There is so much tension (pause)… The tension is released now.

She complains about her running nose.

That’s why I said she needs to change the blanket. There are feathers. Buy some other natural material.

She also has high blood pressure. When did this started?

It started about 17 years ago…

The high energy level affected electronics

Suddenly the recorder went off. It turned out the batteries were depleted although I use new set of batteries for every session.  This shouldn’t have occurred – one set of batteries can last tens of hours. I put a new set of batteries.

…She has to put an invisible cover when she’s doing the work against the low energies. And also against radiation, computer.

Could you show her how to do this? Or maybe put the shield?

She is doing it, but not in her work.

So, she knows how to do this?


Could you elaborate on her relationship with her daughter when the daughter was 16? Is she still having those emotions?

No, those are balanced now.

She doesn’t hold anything?

At this moment the recorder stopped again. The brand-new batteries were empty soon after I placed them. There was no possibility to continue recording the session. Possibly Maija’s Higher self didn’t allow this part of the therapy to be recorded for a reason. All QHHT sessions are divinely guided and nothing ever is an accident.


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