Divine Balance Ceremony

Divine Balance Ceremony

Come join us on October 19 2019 in our Masculine and Feminine Energies Divine Balance Ceremony. Our Sacred Ceremony will powerfully awaken the Feminine Power within us and around the globe. Together with another 1000 Goddesses around the world, we will consciously combine our energies to help shift the perception of reality from Fear to Love.

Since 2012, after the Precession of the equinoxes entered the Age of Aquarius, we are living in a new Cycle of Consciousness. For thousands of years, during the previous cycle, the Male energies were the leading aspect of humanity. In this new cycle, Mother Earth needs us to shift our perception of reality, expand our consciousness and activate our Feminine power. It is time the Female aspect to receive the power and responsibility for leading humanity into the Light.

This Ceremony takes place every 12 920 years as the next cycle begins to turn over the power from one aspect of Duality to another. This time the Masculine will turn over the Power to the Feminine.

Together we will bring balance between Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and thus, manifesting Divine Oneness.

We will unlock a download of Humanity’s ancient memories into the collective human subconsciousness. We will create space for the beginning of a new era of Light and Sisterhood for the human race.

Place: Helsinki

Date: 19 October 2019

If you feel in your heart that this ceremony resonates with your inner intentions,

register at love@quantumhealing.fi and we will give you further information about the place and time.

Free event

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Kashi AV Technician

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Milen Diplomat

Your past life regression workshop was amazingly deep and revealing. This experience helped me in various ways and gave me confidence in myself. During the regression, I found the answers to my questions which I had for a very long time but couldn’t find the answer to. Now I have all the tools to live…



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