Ascension Meditation

Ascension Meditation

On 18 Feb 2018, Sunday at 5:30 pm join us in the mass Weekly Ascension Meditation.

Beautiful and holistic changes are occurring everywhere on Earth! A massive surge of positive feelings is powering a deep shift worldwide. Optimism and joy are creating peace in everyone as they are filled with an instinctive knowing of truth and humanity’s potential for loving change.

The unfolding of love and truth has been written about and spoken of by the great prophets, sages and mystics of all cultures for thousands of years, it is THE EVENT.

Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event closer to us: Read here.

This meditation helps ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of Ascension. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

Our meditations take place each Sunday from 6 pm and people all around the world will meditate together with us.

Let’s get together to increase the energy of peace in our community!

Let’s share the awareness that is our unique gift!

Join us with open heart. It’s free.

Please, enroll in the Ascension meditation at

  • Date: 18 Feb 2018
  • Time: 5:30-6:30 pm
  • Place: Kultakummuntie 16A, 00940 Helsinki

A small donation of 5-10 euros accepted (not mandatory)


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