Sacred Geometry Workshop

Sacred Geometry Workshop

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A sacred journey to activating the universal unity consciousness inside of us

Join us in our Sacred Geometry Workshop to learn about our connection to the Universal consciousness through sacred geometry. We will explore the geometric nature of our Universe and our bodies. We will see that everything in the Universe is geometric whether it’s people, cats, planets, solar systems, atoms. We will learn to use this knowledge in our everyday lives.

DATE/TIME: 29-30 September 2018, Sat-Sun, 10-5 pm
LOCATION: Quantum Healing Centre, Kultakummuntie 16A, Helsinki
INVESTMENT: early bird 180 euros until 27 July, later 200 euros
REGISTRATION: or +358 40 93 25 251

About Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry explains how sacred and creative meanings express themselves through geometric proportions in the physical reality.

We see evidence of this knowledge in many cultures, faiths and religions – Buddhist Temples, Egyptian Pyramids, meditative art work such as Mandalas used in Hinduism, sacred scripts and symbols. Sacred geometry translates the creative expressions of the matter. It deciphers the hidden interpretation held within the matter itself.

About our experience together

In our workshop we create a unity experience to learn the oldest language in human existence – Sacred Geometry. We connect to sound, numbers and energetic movements such as emotion. The purpose and function of which are keys that access Universal wisdom.

We get together in a circle of trust to experience deep inner transformation through personal seeking. We learn how to connect to and interpret the Universe’s Sacred geometry patterns. Then we use these keys to unlock our own inner door ways to Universal wisdoms – held within ourselves.

We find our own inner wisdom. Different shapes, spaces and energies are effecting us emotionally at various times throughout our life. As with numbers and words, we may come across a repeated patterns of shapes, but do not fully understand them. We learn how to see our own reflections and our own patterns.

Unblocking and activating

Through interactive practices we unlock blocked energies inside the body, leading to inner creative divine expressions of oneself. We activate our souls’s mission.

The geometric nature behind our problems

We examine our pains, problems and relationships on a deeper level. We gain the ability to see a different outcome.

The grid system (the matrix)

We use our creativity to “see” deeper. We learn to maintain balance between feelings and logic, wisdom and emotion.

In our collective journey, we experiment with creation of our own Mandalas, Yantras and other forms of Sacred Geometry. We learn how to use them in our life to expand our consciousness.

We learn about Harmonics of the Universe and how it connects and transcends through Time and Space, Tone and Sound. Thus attuning ourselves to higher vibrations and opening portals to expanding our consciousness.

Sound and vibration

Through sound and vocal expression, we influence our cellular growth and cellular formations. We examine how our biological system responds and reacts to sound and frequency. We learn how to link and connect sound/vibration and matter together.

We open our eyes and minds wide enough to notice compelling coincidences. The building blocks of the Universe are inside us.

We link our consciousness to the Universal energies.

About the teacher: Katharine Henegan

The main Ethos and Philosophy behind Katharine’s work is to bring about awareness of who we are, why we are here, and how might we be of service to others. Her work concentrates on facilitating a process so that her students can focus on the bigger picture, and make concerted efforts to discover what their role in this bigger picture is.
To achieve this, Katharine incorporates various disciplines in her work – disciplines most appropriate to the individual at that time. This ranges from Mediumship, Counselling, Regression, through to teaching about Esoteric disciplines such as Numerology, Sacred Geometry and Symbolism.

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