Stella’s amazing gift to activate transformation helped me to understand my life on a deeper level, get rid of old programs of thinking and limited believes. In her Business Coaching program, we developed and started my own business from my heart. She helped me through her heart driven work to boost my self-esteem, discover freedom of mind and inspiration in life, relationships and work. I am grateful to have met you, Stella. And I am grateful you taught me this important lesson: I don’t need to be perfect nor I need to know everything; my trust in myself and my Higher essence is my guidance for success. It is really inspiring to know I am not alone on my path and together with Stella we can always find solutions to challenges and expansion of consciousness. I sincerely recommend Stella Dimitrova as a quantum therapist to everyone who wants to find their path, their gift, their truth and who they really are.

Gabriela Deleva Musician