Mary's story

What Hypnobirthing is like

Hypnobirthing with Stella

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Stella who’s helped me tremendously with her hypnobirthing method.

Last year I was second time pregnant. During my pregnancy, due to my extreme fear, I avoided thinking  about the birthing. The reason I was so fearful, was my first terrible and traumatizing birthing.

During my first childbirth I was in terrible pain. My baby got stuck. The doctors cut me open and used forceps to get the baby out. These were the most horrible 20 minutes in my life. It was so traumatic experience for me and for my baby as well.

During my second pregnancy, I experienced panic attacks. I feared the pain so much and I was horrified that something might happen to my baby.

I really needed help. So, I contacted Stella and shared my fearful thoughts with her. We discussed the situation and she made a hypnobirthing recording for me.

I listened to the recording every day for the last 6 weeks before the due date. After each session, I felt better and more relaxed. I established control over my fear. It was still there, but the fear did not own me anymore.

The due date came, I was in the hospital, in the delivery room. With my first contractions, I started thinking about „my calm place“ as the recording programmed me to do. I was in a dream like state, free of pain. I had my eyes closed, being in my calm place and in the hospital, both at the same time. It took me just 6-7 pushing contractions and the baby was there – a healthy small beautiful creation! And I felt wonderful!

I was so happy I experienced a normal birthing this time! And this was thanks to Stella!

Thank you so very much, Stella! Whatever you do, you do it with your whole heart, helping people is a mission for you!