Stella's QHHT experience

Stella’s QHHT experience


When I discovered Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, I decided to have a QHHT regression myself to see what it will disclose about my souls’s path.

During my QHHT session I remembered one of my past lives. And it wasn’t on this planet. I was a higher frequency being existing in a non-material world, in a higher frequency than Earth planet. Remembering this being, I felt home for the first time in my (present) life! The beings living in this planet (actually they were inside the planet) were using mental projections to communicate with each other. They were living in form shifting energy bubbles. I was able to teleport to other parts of the planet and to other worlds. I was an energy director and I was involved in keeping the energy grid of that “planet”.

After eons of existence and doing my only job of keeping the planetary energy structure, a desire for a different experience came along. Then, I heard The Call – a call for helping planet Earth. Humans living on Earth needed to deal with the turmoil and the suffering, which were prevalent in their society. The whole Universe was waiting for Earth to raise its vibrations. It needed help to shift into the 5th dimension. I decided to participate in this project. Then I left the existence of the being and incarnated on Earth.

When my practitioner connected me to my Higher Self, it performed an instant healing of my body, straightened my spine, balanced my chakras. It rearranged my brain to let go of old patterns of thinking. It explained all about my love and family relationships. It gave me great advises about my career, development and soul path. I was even given a wrinkles smoothing.

My Higher Self explained that, as part of the Earth ascension project, my mission in this life was to shine my energy to as many people as possible and help them in the process of ascension. Well, I was already helping people all along, but it was wonderful and empowering to know that my life had a meaning and I was following my mission.