Stella Dimitrova

Stella Dimitrova

Inner Transformation Activator, Consciousness Expansion Light worker, Higher self communicator


I am Stella Dimitrova and I am here to help you expand your consciousness and heal.

I am passionate about guiding you into discovering the inner wisdom and potential you have to manifest into your life.

I am an Inner Transformation Activator, a Consciousness Expansion Light worker, Higher self communicator.

An economist by degree, a traveler by heart, an intuitive empath, I am living a happy family life with my mirror soul and our two amazing star children – an indigo and a rainbow child. I am an indigo child myself.


In my transformation healing methods, I incorporate Meditation, Reiki, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Transpersonal Therapy, Inner child works, Past life regression, Higher self communication, Living from the heart, Sound therapy and a deeper realization of the thought patterns behind suffering.

Through spiritual journey within, I will gently guide you into awakening to the truth and the knowledge you hold inside of yourself.

In order to create high frequency experiences, I employ Sacred Geometry, the language of the Universe. My work with crystals as well as my Remote viewing talent are incorporated in my work.

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I was born in 1984 in the beautiful sea site city of Burgas in Bulgaria. From the moment of my birth, I remember my life vision and life purpose. I recollect memories of being in my mother’s womb. I was very conscious baby and little child as well. I was so inspired to be part of this world and couldn’t wait to begin working on my life mission – to help humanity reach higher states of consciousness by teaching them how the Universe operates.

Since I was 3, I began to recollect from the layers of my subconscious mind profound knowledge about the Universe, the beings occupying it and how consciousness creates reality. I understood the Universal laws and the fact that we are part of a bigger plan. I thought this was normal until many years later when I realized people don’t posses the knowledge I did. I knew that the physical reality is consisted of certain wavelengths of the whole spectrum of consciousness. Thus I understood how human relationships and karma worked. I was observing the manifestation patterns my family experienced. When I was just a baby I already knew the solutions to all the problems my mom and dad had – the problems were only creations of their consciousness. I communicated telepathically with them until I realized they don’t understand my communication. Then I had to learn a more limited way of expression – the human language – in order to be able to express my thoughts.

At the age of 5 I experienced a traumatic occurrence.  In order to deal with it, I established a connection through space and time with my Future Self. Stella from the Future helped me to see the experience from an adult perspective and learn from it instead of traumatizing myself.

Numerous times over my childhood I connected to future Stella which gave me the wisdom to deal with situations with the wisdom of a grown up person. People constantly ask me questions about their lives and relationships and wondered how a 5-year old could be so wise. All I had to do was to travel through time and connect to my future self!

Until my late teenage years, in the night I was leaving my body and astral traveled. I was living two lives – one in the physical world during the day and the other was in the astral world during the night. I learned how to transcend the physical and go to the spiritual world. There I was receiving information about the keys of the Universe and how to use them, about my karmic relationships, pre-birth vision, my ancestral past.

At the age of 15 I returned to the Creator. I experienced the All That Is and saw the Creation process. I remembered that I AM the Creator, the Multiverse and everything within it. It wasn’t I though, it was We, All of Us in all of our manifestations. We were One. I realized we were not separated.

At the age of 18 I had a complete theory of the Multiverse, God and our part in all this. I was sure the scientist will begin to discover these truths some day. Now, more than 15 years later the quantum physics, the Fractal Universe and the Electric Universe theories get closer to the knowledge I held inside myself.


I believe I was given this gift to tap into the secrets of the Cosmic Plan so that I can help people understand the concept of our existence and spiritual growth as we move into the next dimension. This is the process of Ascension on the planet Earth we are going through right now.

I participate in the global Ascension project that expands from planet Earth to the whole Galaxy. I am also a Grid keeper, which means that my energy together with many other people’s energies, anchor and activate the Christ consciousness grid on the planet.


Until the age of 30, I devoted significant time in discovering my true self through energy work, meditation, Thai chi, yoga, astral projection, alchemy, Tantra practices, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism.

Realizing what damage greed based economic systems have done to the human world and the planet Earth, I took on a role to spread awareness about the destructive human behavior and teach people better practices for living harmonious lives. I began giving motivational speeches and life-coaching sessions. My empathy and understanding of my clients’ inner suffering were the key factors for developing skills of supporting, empowering and guiding people to more enlightened lives.

In 2015 I graduated past life regression and transpersonal hypnotherapy from the Michael Newton Institute.


By the work of synchronicity, I discovered Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. I scheduled a QHHT session for myself to see what it will disclose about my souls’s path. Here you can read about my QHHT experience. I had an amazing session of expanding my conscious awareness, healing my body and receiving precious guidance. This method was so powerful. It was a great tool to use in the Ascension project I am part in.

Now I am a QHHT practitioner, certified in 2016 by Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy. During the sessions with my clients I witness a lot of the miracles that this kind of healing method brings. Here you can read some of my Client Sessions Stories.


I have since been on a mind-blowing, consciousness expanding journey. I keep evolving my holistic approach to helping people live their lives to their fullest potential. A holistic view means developing the whole person on different levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It’s the concept that the human being is multi-dimensional, with conscious and unconscious aspects.

I support people in learning how to use all of their multiple intelligence – intellect, logic, as well as emotion, intuition, creativity.

I am grateful for an expanded sense of connection with people around the world. I learned that a natural rhythm of life, vital health practices, alchemy, creativity, love, community is a way to thrive.

My mission is to share consciousness expanding practices with as many people as possible around the world so that we enter into the new Era of Brotherhood/Sisterhood and peaceful living from the Heart.

Love and Light

See you in the higher state of being

Your sister on the path



In October 2018 I had a profound experience inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. During a full night journey in its magnificent chambers my intentions of self-healing and activating my inner abilities were fulfilled and even surpassed. For the most part my enlightenment process is very personal but there is one bit of the story that revealed an important aspect of my role here on this planet, in this incarnation. And I need to share it with You, right Here and Now.

For the Giza Pyramid tour program, read here


During one of my meditations in the Big Chamber I had a very bright vision of two very tall beings in almost human form standing in front of me. I had the feeling that they came from a high dimension of existence and filling most of the space in front of me. They presented themselves as Ra and Horus. I was then guided into a process of initiation into the secret of Pyramid Energy. I was shown how to use the Pyramid’s feminine and masculine powers for healing, soul expansion and life purpose activation. They guided me through a deep process of understanding reasons, links and relations of all that surrounds today’s people on Earth. The beings in my vision presented this knowledge as part of a divine project for Ascension on Earth.

I already had the realization of the rapid awakening and the Universal Consciousness expansion inside many of us. During my hypnotherapy and quantum healing practices, I observed that there are many who just need a divine moment of mystical experience to get in touch with their inner powers and sacred mission.


During my experience with the two beings presented as Ra and Horus, I was told that I WILL guide groups into the Great Pyramid. And that during those tours I will receive their blessings and guidance to help people on their path of enlightenment.

For my amazement, the very next day I was approached by Hisham Basyouny, founder of Egypt tours travel company Lilly Reisen and Ahmad Moustafa, director of the Department of the Antiques in Egypt. They asked me if I was interested to partner with them bring groups to Egypt! Of course, I agreed.

After this encounter I began preparing myself and fully embrace this new mission. Then in the beginning of 2019 I took the first steps in fulfilling it. Guided by the wisdom of Ra, Horus and supported by my Higher Self, I am now on the marvelous high vibrational path of creating the Great Pyramid Activation journey for you.

This journey is for the awakened people who want to accelerate the activation of their powers. It is for those who seek their soul mission and feel the desire to transcend to higher realms of existence. You are most welcome to join us!

Feel free to read more about the Great Pyramid Activation journey to Egypt and the Program here.


Stella’s Sacred Geometry workshop had a deeply profound impact on me. During our sessions, I always receive exactly what I need at the moment. During our meditation, Stella’s guidance and activating energy gave me vivid experience of the Flower of life and the Creation of the Universe. It was so powerful activation when I experienced the Creation and integration with the Source. It lead me to understanding that we are all here to experience and play. I am so grateful for connecting with Stella and for this workshop and my QHHT session.


Thank you for all your help, guidance and support for getting through the toughest time in my life. Your thoughtfulness is beyond kind, it is beyond expectation, and it is beyond the borders of all known human capacity for thinking of others. From the very bottom of my big grateful heart, thank you!


Words can’t describe how grateful I am. I am totally mind-blown after my QHHT session. It was absolutely life changing experience! I feel I’m reborn. You are doing such a amazing job and this is exactly what lot of people need. At least I did. Thank you so much! 🙏 You have an impressive talent. After my session, I didn’t have any allergy reactions and I don’t need my glasses anymore.


Even though I am a Hindu, my QHHT session was nothing like a religious experience to me. It was nothing that I expected and I got exactly what I needed. With Stella’s gentle guidance, I dived so deep within that I was able to see not the past, but the future. Isn’t it better to know the future than the past? After this journey of the mind, I feel more safe and confident in my life and relationships. I learned how to have fun and love myself without judging my own actions. Thank you, Stella for my unforgettable session!  

Kashi AV Technician

It amazes me how one session with Stella was enough to get rid of my suffering from claustrophobia and heal my awful knee pain, which I’ve had since childhood. Stella is a good listener and trustworthy practitioner. The session was a deep spiritual experience for me. I had vivid past life memories and remembering them helped me overcome psychological traumas. I can warmly recommend such a session to anyone.

Nina Marketing Specialist

Stella’s helped me in various ways – spiritual awakening, have painless birthing, as well as deal with my fear of failure. Her predisposing, caring and trustful voice guided me to discover my inner protector, who used to stop me from taking actions and responsibility. This discovery was enough for me to get back control of my life. Stella’s helped me face my extreme fear of delivering and significantly lower contractions pain during labor. With her guidance and positive energy, I improved my confidence and self-esteem, I skyrocketed my work performance and transformed into the best mother. I am grateful beyond…

Mary Production Manager

Since my QHHT session, many good and positives changes activated in my life. The session showed me the way to accepting and loving myself. I got rid of my old fears. I feel so blissfully energized after our session. I took important decisions about my future after spending time with you. You are a great professional, helping people in this needed world. Thank you so much for bringing me home finally and activating my power!

David Martial Arts Instructor

You created a relaxing and safe atmosphere. The environment was cozy and peaceful. I felt well cared after and I enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of time for it all and you were very present there. You prepared me well with email and talking. The session was so relaxing and insightful. I got a lot of reassurance, support and ease from my Higher Self. Felt at peace and energized afterwards and something started opening deep within. Memories from the past life and revelations from my higher self have stuck to my mind a lot and they have…

Kaija Therapist

The past life regression workshop was a magical experience which showed me new ways of perceiving reality and understanding life. It made me think differently about the reasons behind my problems and taught me how to live in the “Now”. I am feeling more energized and positive. I learned how to be me and how to love myself. Stella helped me open up to a new spiritual knowledge, so here I am like a new person with brighter life view. Thank you for the support! Respect to this work of understanding life! Jape  


With these words, I would like to cordially thank Stella for the magical journey into my past and deeper into my subconscious mind. My QHHT session was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Stella is a supportive and responsible person who can be relied upon. Working with her is a real pleasure. She’s helped me believe I’m not alone. Furthermore, through spiritual enlightenment, to discover new, wiser ways to overcome difficulties and mischief, as well as opportunities to turn the pain into lessons. And lead to spiritual healing. The direction in my life is set! Thank you for…

Milen Diplomat

Your past life regression workshop was amazingly deep and revealing. This experience helped me in various ways and gave me confidence in myself. During the regression, I found the answers to my questions which I had for a very long time but couldn’t find the answer to. Now I have all the tools to live a happier life. Which were inside of me all along. I found myself, thanks to you Stella. You are a star!