Stella Dimitrova

Stella Dimitrova

Inner Transformation Activator, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Practitioner, Human Energy Field Therapist


Stella has a degree in Economy and Marketing. She is an energy healer, Reiki master, hypnotherapist, traveler around the world, empath and a mother of two magical children. She is a warrior of the Truth, Knowledge and Peace.

Stella has studied Regression and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy in the Michael Newton institute.

In 2016 she got her certificate from the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy for QHHT practitioner.

Stella is a certified Reiki master and works with the human energy field. She has completed courses in Yoga, Tai Chi, Tantra, Sacred Geometry, Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing.

She works with the Inner child, the Wonder Child, with the different parts of the psyche (The Protector, The One that Drinks, Candy Eater, Inner Critic and so on), as well as with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to create self love and integration of self.

Stella is a Life and Relationships coach and a Master in Manifesting Reality. She helps people manifest the lives they have always been dreaming of but have never known how to create.

Stella is the founder of the School of Manifestations for conscious business, the High Vibrations Club, the Quantum Healing Transformation phone app, the Master Mind business program and many online programs and courses to help Global Consciousness expansion and the Ascension process on the planet.

Her purpose is to create personal and collective transformation and conscious life on the planet.

Right now she is in the process of creating a Seed Free Awakened Society for Light Workers to bring the New Earth into physical dimension.

Stella hasn’t always been residing in the higher vibrations and in the fifth dimension. She has been through harsh times, narcissistic abuse, depression, bad physical health and limiting believes. With the help of the Higher Forces and her innate ability for transformation and awareness, she has transformed her life. Now she is working to help other people do the same. She really walks in her clients’ shoes.

Thanks to her experience of living in suffering, limitations and abuse, today she can deeply and empathetically understand her clients and help them heal, transform and start living the life they have been dreaming about.

Stella’s special gift is to inspire change and transformation in people’s lives. Her energy opens people to discover their Authentic self to start living in balance, calmness, success and happiness.

Stella is a second wave volunteer, participating in the Ascension Project on Earth. Her mission is to help as many people as she can to increase their vibrations and conscious awareness, so that we are all able to collectively ascend into the New Earth. She is here to help break through the old materialist paradigm of perceiving reality, enlighten human beings about their true selves and help them discover their amazing inner soul essence.



In her transformational healing methods, Stella incorporates Manifestation, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), Transpersonal Therapy, Inner child works, Past life regression, Reiki, Human Energy Field Therapy, Energy Healing, Higher self communication, Hypnotherapy.

She also practices sound healing, shamanic work and Egyptian Tantra.

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Since I was 3 years old, I remembered my life vision. A life vision is like a trailer for your life containing extracts of the most important, crucial key episodes of the life you are about to experience. I remembered people, situations, traumas and transformations that I was about to experience. And most of all, I remembered my life purpose – to help as many people as I can to see through the mind programming of our current civilization and awake to their true inner divine power.

Before I was able to talk, I began telepathically communicate with my family and friends. I possessed deep knowledge about the structure of the Universe and the reality we experience here on this planet and other planets and dimensions. I assumed this was normal. Until years later when I realized people could not understand telepathic communication and surely, they could not understand the structure of reality.

I began to remember other dimensions when I was 15 years old. I went back to the creation of the Universe itself. I experienced being One with Everything That Is, in other words, God/Source Consciousness.

Somehow I hold inside of myself the knowledge about the Creation of the Universe and our reality. We don’t live in the 3rd dimension only. We all live in all dimensions simultaneously.

I remember many other lives on this and other planets.

My awakening journey began in 2010. I was in a deep depression, I felt I was a total failure, unworthy of love and respect. My relationships were a mess. I was unemployed. I had so serious lower back problems I ended up spending a month in bed. I felt useless, I wasn’t able to work or take care of my family.

I had no other choice than to begin transforming my life. Through different consciousness based healing methods, I healed my body and mind, I explored my inner world, I discovered my real divine self and found the purpose of my life. Now, I use the same methods to help other people do the same.

Synchronicities and dreams guided me on the path. I met people who helped me to heal past life wounds.

In 2018 I activated my sleeping DNA through intence DNA activation protocols.

On the next day I traveled to Egypt. In the Great Pyramid of Giza I had an out of body experience. I was communicated by higher dimensional beings who showed to me how the Great Pyramid works through direct experience. They explained that the Great Pyramid is a tool for Ascension – evolving into higher consciousness. I was invited to work with a travel agency to bring people on an Inner Transformation trip to Egypt and the Great Pyramid.

This experience changed my life. My clairvoyant abilities activated and I was able to read people’s energy field, thoughts and feelings. I discovered I was able to heal people using laying-on hands.

I was intensively connecting to higher states of consciousness discovering deeper and deeper understanding about Reality and the Universe.

In the process of clearing all my karmic debts and energy blockages, letting go of past negative believes, my life changed drastically. All illusionary perceptions of reality disappeared. I awoke to all the lies and programming of our society. I pursued the Truth and the Truth was harsh but it brought me back to my true divine self, to who I Truly Am. I became an integrated human being – mind, body and spirit in a holistic dance with life.

When I enter into a holistic state of being, I become one with Source/God, and I tap into the creative powers of the Universe. From there I can heal anyone anywhere if the person is ready and is willing to heal.


In October 2018 I had a profound experience inside the Great Pyramid of Giza.

During my meditation in the Big Chamber I had an out of body experience. Two very tall beings in human form stood in front of me. They communicated telepathically with me. They told me they came from a higher dimension of existence. They presented themselves as Ra and Horus. They guided me into a process of initiation into the secrets of the Pyramid. I was shown how to use the Pyramid’s feminine and masculine powers for healing, soul expansion and life purpose activation.

I already had the realization of the rapid awakening and the Universal Consciousness expansion inside many of us. During my hypnotherapy and quantum healing practices, I observed that there are many who just need a divine moment of mystical experience to get in touch with their inner powers and sacred mission.


Testimonial Jeff

Stela is an amazing guide that lead me to the truth, to discover and understand myself better, to help me grow, with energy, caring and love. I never know before the Past Life Regression session, that my real self is dominated by ego. I thought I was caring for other people, helping other people, actually, I was mainly caring myself only. Thanks for Stela, let me see all those through the session, to help me grow to become a better person. Words cannot express my gratitude, it is God’s gift to lead me to have this session with you, that…

Jeff Teacher
Testimonial Reel

My QHHT session with Stella was life changing. I was having hormonal troubles especially regarding irregular periods, but one day after the session, my period arrived on time for the first time in my life! I was also having problems with an intense fear of the dark, I couldn’t even go to the bathroom at night without turning on all the lights. After my session, I embraced the darkness and walked to the bathroom with all the lights off for the first time in years. I was also having problems with a mean voice inside my head criticizing everything I…

Reel Abdeldayem Student

Stella’s amazing gift to activate transformation helped me to understand my life on a deeper level, get rid of old programs of thinking and limited believes. In her Business Coaching program, we developed and started my own business from my heart. She helped me through her heart driven work to boost my self-esteem, discover freedom of mind and inspiration in life, relationships and work. I am grateful to have met you, Stella. And I am grateful you taught me this important lesson: I don’t need to be perfect nor I need to know everything; my trust in myself and my…

Gabriela Deleva Musician

You’re amazing, Stella! You give love. You speak so sincerely, carefully, with understanding, a lot of warmth and love. Your meditation had an extraordinary effect on me. I realized so many things!!! Many, many things! I cried a lot, I cried for a long time, I roared. I forgive, I’m free! I am filled with love and gratitude to you! 🙏 Thank you, Stella! ❤️

Zoya Bozhkova Economist
Stella Testimonial

My Past Life Regression session was an exciting and unpredictable journey within the vast realm of my subconsciousness. I cleared my energy blockages and released heavy emotions that I’ve been holding for 60 years. That was exactly what I needed! Stella is a magician! I recommend a session with her to everyone. Thank you so much, Stella!

Roza Trendafilova Electronics Engineer
Stella Testimonial

Stella, to me you’re a great teacher and inspirational light, a glowing powerful Priestess and Sun Sister. It is so great to exchange with you! I feel confident and positively vibrating since our session. My fear melted away.

Stanislava Pavlova

My experince with Stella and her Human energy field healing was a process of awakening to me. The process of healing brought me to manifesting the next step forward in my life. Stella’s healing unexpectedly revealed the depth of my sacred inner space. Our session literally turned on my feelings and powered up my energy field to work for me. Stella taught me deep knowledge about my energy body, mind and spirit. I will always be infinitely grateful for my session!

Stanislava Pavlova CEO & Life Coach at Coaching Real

Your capacity to care about others is beyond words, beyond comprehension and beyon this world. Thank you so much for being by my side during the most difficult period of my life.

Johanna Hendrik

Stella, do you realize the impact you have on our lives, more particular – our relationship? Your session REALLY shook Johanna to the bone. You offered an incomparable breakthrough which deepened our relationship. You gave Hendrik a beautiful and most valuable gift: the promise Love does exist, and is in reach. Your healing last week and your email correspondence since then have without a doubt had a very positive effect on our wellbeing. You are a powerful soul, filled to the neck with Love, and eager to share this Love. We are so grateful! Thank you…Thank you…Thank you…

Johanna and Hendrik
Stella Testimonial

You got to the bottom of my soul and my sorrow. I’m very impressed by the accuracy of your Akashic records reading. The very same day you did the reading, 12th of March, I had confessed to Hendrik I still could not trust him completely because of some dark clouds I sensed in his or our energy. Something was holding me back from loving him limitlessly. I felt I was somehow protecting myself. Your reading has brought a very profound and logic explanation for this. Now I know he’s here to put something straight, to protect and love me like…

Johanna Ministry of Culture, Belgium

I cannot express enough how thankful we are for your Akashic records energy reading. With the power of synchronicity, it arrived at the very moment it was most welcome. What it ment: it instantanuously brought our love for each other to a next level, with a lightning. It brought confidence and trust, and not last, the confirmation of our higher mutual cause. I’d like to stress the importance of your work, and thank you from the deepest of my soul!

Hendrik Business Owner
Tatiana Bers

My QHHT session gave me the opportunity to unite with the truth, helped me to get out of the labyrinth of doubts and gain clarity of consciousness. I learned how to follow my own intuitive knowledge. I let go of the whispers of the ego and the stereotypes rooted in me. Stella helped me focus on my PATH and cut off all obsolete and unnecessary. I am very grateful to her for her professionalism and sincerity! I recommend everyone this unique opportunity to find answers to important questions with the help of The Higher Self and with Stella’s assistance.

Tatiana Bers Reiki Master
Clara Testimonial

My QHHT session deeply and profoundly changed my life. I found the answers to many existential questions that were important to me. In my session, I reached a level of consciousness where deep knowledge was revealed to me. My body and mind were healed. I found peace and clarity. This experience opened my eyes and my heart even more, and helped me to find the purpose of my life. I will always be grateful. Thank you, dear Stella

Clara Vázquez Neuropsychologist

Words can’t describe how grateful I am. I am totally mind-blown after my QHHT session. It was absolutely life changing experience! I feel like I’ve been reborn. You are doing such a amazing job and this is exactly what lot of people need. At least I did. You have an impressive talent. During my session with you, I healed my allergy to cats and I cured my short-sightedness. Now I don’t need my glasses anymore! Thank  you so much! 🙏

Riikka Petäjä

What I experienced in my QHHT session was unexpected and I got exactly what I needed. With Stella’s gentle guidance I dived deep within to see my future and understand my life. After this journey of the mind, I feel safer and more confident in my professional life and personal relationships. I discovered how to have fun and love myself without judging my own actions. Thank you, Stella for my unforgettable session!  

Kashi Gauli AV Technician

It amazes me how one session with Stella was enough to get rid of my suffering from claustrophobia and heal my awful knee pain, which I’ve had since childhood. Stella is a good listener and trustworthy practitioner. The session was a deep spiritual experience for me. I had vivid past life memories and remembering them helped me overcome psychological traumas. I can warmly recommend such a session to anyone.

Nina Marketing Specialist

Stella’s helped me in various ways – spiritual awakening, have painless birthing, as well as deal with my fear of failure. Her predisposing, caring and trustful voice guided me to the discovery of a part of myself, which I called the inner protector, who was trying to prevent me from taking actions and responsibility. Stella’s helped me face and control my extreme fear of delivering and significantly lower contractions pain during labor. Thanks to Stella, I am more confident, my self-esteem improved, I got better results at work and am a better mother. Whatever Stella does, she puts her whole heart…

Mary Schefner Business Manager

Since my QHHT session, many good and positives changes activated in my life. The session showed me the way to accepting and loving myself. I got rid of my old fears. I feel so blissfully energized after our session. I took important decisions about my future after spending time with you. You are a great professional, helping people in this needed world. Thank you so much for bringing me home finally and activating my power!

David Muñoz Gonzalez Martial Arts Instructor

You created a relaxing and safe atmosphere. The environment was cozy and peaceful. I felt well cared after and I enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of time for it all and you were very present there. You prepared me well with email and talking. The session was so relaxing and insightful. I got a lot of reassurance, support and ease from my Higher Self. Felt at peace and energized afterwards and something started opening deep within. Memories from the past life and revelations from my higher self have stuck to my mind a lot and they have…

Kaija Art Therapist

The past life regression workshop was a magical experience which showed me new ways of perceiving reality and understanding life. It made me think differently about the reasons behind my problems and taught me how to live in the “Now”. I am feeling more energized and positive. I learned how to be me and how to love myself. Stella helped me open up to a new spiritual knowledge, so here I am like a new person with brighter life view. Thank you for the support! Respect to this work of understanding life!


With these words, I would like to cordially thank Stella for the magical journey into my past and deeper into my subconscious mind. My QHHT session was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Stella is a supportive and responsible person who can be relied upon. Working with her is a real pleasure. She’s helped me believe I’m not alone. Furthermore, through spiritual enlightenment, to discover new, wiser ways to overcome difficulties and mischief, as well as opportunities to turn the pain into lessons. And lead to spiritual healing. The direction in my life is set! Thank you for…

Milen Dimitrov Diplomat

Your past life regression workshop was amazingly deep and revealing. This experience helped me in so many ways and gave me confidence in myself. During the regression, I found the answers to my questions which I had for a very long time but couldn’t find the answer to. Now I have all the tools to live a happier life. Which were inside of me all along. I found myself, thanks to you Stella. You are a star!