Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

What is a Past Life Regression therapy?

Past life regression is a form of guided hypnosis and talk therapy that allows you to get access to memories from your subconscious mind. You unconsciously carry forward experiences, attitudes, and relationship dynamics from prior lives into your current lifetime. By bringing these memories into conscious awareness, you can release the energy and emotional blockages that keep you stuck.

Past life regression is a gentle yet powerful process that allows you to heal emotional and physical issues, to become profoundly empowered and to transform your life. Exploring Past lives may be the only way to heal your persistent health problems and explain the unbearable difficulties in your life.

You can turn to Past Life Regression when you need guidance making decisions, to resolve emotional or health issues, to understand your purpose in life, to find meaning behind the events that surround you.

Does Past Life Regression work?

Definitely, it works. All you need is an open mind and intent to receive the healing and the answers you are looking for.

Why revisiting a Past Life will help me resolve current issues?

You are connected with other lives where you have been working through similar challenges as the issues you are now facing. We also tend to reincarnate with the same group of souls so that we can work together on lessons, resolve karma, gain understanding and grow spiritually.  Through revisiting a Past Life you are able to understand how those challenges were handled in other lives. Simply re-living and re-experiencing creates the kind of understanding that is really transformative. This empowers you to forgive, to let go, to learn and ultimately to make different choices in your present life.  Such deep spiritual healing often translates into the healing of physical symptoms and illnesses.

What should I expect?

The sessions usually last about 3 hours.

We will begin with a talking therapy. We will discuss your life, the challenges you are encountering and the reasons that lead you to having the session. Oftentimes, during this part of the session suppressed traumas come to the surface of your conscious awareness. Consequently, emotional and energy blockages are released.

Next, we will proceed with the actual regression. I will guide you into a deeply relaxed but still conscious state. Then, I will ask questions about what you see or feel. Images and sensations from your subconscious mind will appear. You will allow the impressions that come to develop. Soon after, you will find yourself in a past life.

Next, I will guide you through the significant events of the lifetime, through the death experience, and then a life review. We will examine from a higher, spiritual perspective the purpose of that lifetime, the lessons learned, and decisions made.

Finally, you will experience a revelation about how the past life narrative is connected to the problems in your own life.  The lessons learned from the regression can be applied to your current life.

After you come out of the deep state we will spend some time talking about the experience and how it impacted you.

The importance of letting go

Trust the process for it will divinely guide you to the experience you are supposed to have. I don’t know what it will be, neither do you. The images, feelings and all the details will come from your subconscious mind. Although, at times your conscious mind may intervene by thinking you are just filling in details because you are being asked to, rather than uncovering something “real,” I suggest that you make the most out of your session by keeping an open mind and trusting your guidance. At the end it will all make sense.

You should never be concerned if what you see is real. You need to allow it and flow with it, which is really easy to do. Also, please know that every regression is a unique experience – for some it is a visual experience; for others information is given through knowing, feelings and sounds.

Each session is Divinely guided.  You will be given what is most appropriate for you to see and know at that very specific moment of your life.

How should I prepare for the session?

Please prepare a few questions, which you would like to receive guidance on. Please include any health issues that you may have.  Have a general intent to heal and release that which no longer serves you and to open up to and create a fulfilled life.

The power of the Divine to heal and provide the answers is astounding. I have seen it and have experienced it myself and want to give people the opportunity to better their lives.

This work is really meaningful and rewarding for me and I look forward to assisting you on your path to growth and understanding.

Where do you hold sessions?

I offer in-person sessions in Quantum Healing Center in Helsinki. It is also possible for me to travel to your place (fuel expenses to be covered, time spent in travel to be covered).

How much does it cost?

A two-to-three-hour past life regression session is 123 €.

How to book a session?

To book your session, pay your deposit of 53 € using the PayPal button below. Please insert your email in the “Enter your email” field. Stella will contact you via the provided email to schedule convenient date and time for your session. The rest of the amount 70 € please bring in cash with you on the session.

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What is your address?

Quantum Healing Center’s address is Kultakummuntie 16A, Helsinki.

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Stella’s Sacred Geometry workshop had a deeply profound impact on me. During our sessions, I always receive exactly what I need at the moment. During our meditation, Stella’s guidance and activating energy gave me vivid experience of the Flower of life and the Creation of the Universe. It was so powerful activation when I experienced the Creation and integration with the Source. It lead me to understanding that we are all here to experience and play. I am so grateful for connecting with Stella and for this workshop and my QHHT session.


Thank you for all your help, guidance and support for getting through the toughest time in my life. Your thoughtfulness is beyond kind, it is beyond expectation, and it is beyond the borders of all known human capacity for thinking of others. From the very bottom of my big grateful heart, thank you!


Words can’t describe how grateful I am. I am totally mind-blown after my QHHT session. It was absolutely life changing experience! I feel I’m reborn. You are doing such a amazing job and this is exactly what lot of people need. At least I did. Thank you so much! 🙏 You have an impressive talent. After my session, I didn’t have any allergy reactions and I don’t need my glasses anymore.


Even though I am a Hindu, my QHHT session was nothing like a religious experience to me. It was nothing that I expected and I got exactly what I needed. With Stella’s gentle guidance, I dived so deep within that I was able to see not the past, but the future. Isn’t it better to know the future than the past? After this journey of the mind, I feel more safe and confident in my life and relationships. I learned how to have fun and love myself without judging my own actions. Thank you, Stella for my unforgettable session!  

Kashi AV Technician

It amazes me how one session with Stella was enough to get rid of my suffering from claustrophobia and heal my awful knee pain, which I’ve had since childhood. Stella is a good listener and trustworthy practitioner. The session was a deep spiritual experience for me. I had vivid past life memories and remembering them helped me overcome psychological traumas. I can warmly recommend such a session to anyone.

Nina Marketing Specialist

Stella’s helped me in various ways – spiritual awakening, have painless birthing, as well as deal with my fear of failure. Her predisposing, caring and trustful voice guided me to discover my inner protector, who used to stop me from taking actions and responsibility. This discovery was enough for me to get back control of my life. Stella’s helped me face my extreme fear of delivering and significantly lower contractions pain during labor. With her guidance and positive energy, I improved my confidence and self-esteem, I skyrocketed my work performance and transformed into the best mother. I am grateful beyond words for Stella’s wholehearted devotion to helping me become aware of my higher potential and become the best version of myself.

Mary Production Manager

Since my QHHT session, many good and positives changes activated in my life. The session showed me the way to accepting and loving myself. I got rid of my old fears. I feel so blissfully energized after our session. I took important decisions about my future after spending time with you. You are a great professional, helping people in this needed world. Thank you so much for bringing me home finally and activating my power!

David Martial Arts Instructor

You created a relaxing and safe atmosphere. The environment was cozy and peaceful. I felt well cared after and I enjoyed the fact that there was a lot of time for it all and you were very present there. You prepared me well with email and talking. The session was so relaxing and insightful. I got a lot of reassurance, support and ease from my Higher Self. Felt at peace and energized afterwards and something started opening deep within. Memories from the past life and revelations from my higher self have stuck to my mind a lot and they have been so empowering! Thank you so much for my QHHT session! 🙂

Kaija Therapist

The past life regression workshop was a magical experience which showed me new ways of perceiving reality and understanding life. It made me think differently about the reasons behind my problems and taught me how to live in the “Now”. I am feeling more energized and positive. I learned how to be me and how to love myself. Stella helped me open up to a new spiritual knowledge, so here I am like a new person with brighter life view. Thank you for the support! Respect to this work of understanding life! Jape  


With these words, I would like to cordially thank Stella for the magical journey into my past and deeper into my subconscious mind. My QHHT session was truly one of the best experiences of my life. Stella is a supportive and responsible person who can be relied upon. Working with her is a real pleasure. She’s helped me believe I’m not alone. Furthermore, through spiritual enlightenment, to discover new, wiser ways to overcome difficulties and mischief, as well as opportunities to turn the pain into lessons. And lead to spiritual healing. The direction in my life is set! Thank you for your gentle and professional attitude, Stella!

Milen Diplomat

Your past life regression workshop was amazingly deep and revealing. This experience helped me in various ways and gave me confidence in myself. During the regression, I found the answers to my questions which I had for a very long time but couldn’t find the answer to. Now I have all the tools to live a happier life. Which were inside of me all along. I found myself, thanks to you Stella. You are a star!


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