Inspiration Call

Stella Transformation Activator

Your 30-minute Inspiration Call is Free for you if you are serious about working together towards your Inner Transformation and reaching your Highest Potential.

In this free consultation call I’ll ask you questions about where you’re at, where you want to be and what’s holding you back.

It is time for us both to be curious and get to know one another.

I’ll tell you about my work, my journey and how my expertise might apply to your journey.

Are you ready for transformation?

Are you ready for a change on a deeper level?

Are you ready to walk the path to self-discovery, self-awareness and inner transformation?

If the answer is “Yes”, that’s the green light to working together.

How will it feel like?

Starting with this first conversation I commit to being present, open and honest to the best of my ability. I will do my best to create a space in which you feel safe to do the same.

Let’s begin!

Just send me a message at or Messenger stating that you would like to schedule an Inspiration Call and 2-3 date and time slots available for you. I will confirm your Call by replying. My return message will include a Zoom link for our meeting. That’s it!